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Diana Brandmeyer

October, 2002

Diana, can you tell us about your books?

I'm a writer who likes a lot of variety in my reading and writing. I concentrate on using the gift God gave me to honor him. I write Inspirational Romance, picture books and am currently working on a nonfiction book about women.

Tell us a little about your marketing strategy...

Marketing is difficult for me. Some writers can talk to the person behind them at the grocery store and sell a book. I'm working on that skill.  Right now I 

concentrate on internet marketing as much as possible. I use several
signature lines after my name in my email. I offer a free
bookmark if you go to my site and send me a SASE envelope. I
focus on joining listserves that I enjoy. I love cooking and
quilting so I've found several lists where I post. I don't
talk about my books but the signature line is always on my
posts. I've also banded together with other writers and
participated in a cook book and devotional book which is
given away free.

You took M.J. Rose and Doug Clegg's class, "CREATE A BUZZPLAN WITHOUT THE GUESSWORK." How was it? 

I loved this class. I worked with M.J. who helped me come up with a great marketing plan. I know Doug from earlier days on Prodigy,
and I know he would be as good as M.J. as an instructor. I'd
recommend this class to anyone.

What are your favorite (and most successful!) places to
market your inspirational romance, "A Time to Dance"? 

I've had the best success when I write articles. I always ask
that my website be under my name. The last article I wrote
was for a sewing website.

How have you marketed your books for children and preteens, 
"The Trouble with Ralph" and "The Mystery of the Smithton

Those have been harder to market because they are
for children. Ralph is a picture book and Necklace is an
preteen type book. I've used my sig line on those and carry
both books on my palm to show grandparents. I find they are
receptive to buying books for grandkids.

What organizing tips for writers would you recommend? 

Hire someone to clean your office. At least in my dreams this
would work. I haven't experienced this first hand. Use
notebooks, the cheap 1-2 inch three ring binder. I use one
for pictures of houses, one for faces, and one for body
positions. Those stay on my desk all the time for reference.
Then I have one for research on the book I currently am
working on and one more for the chapters I print out.

Do you have any favorite writing websites? 

I don't refer to one public website. I have the scatter approach. I look up
author's websites and visit them. Usually they have listed
their favorite sites on one of their pages. I find it fun to
follow those links. One author that has a great site for
this is Staci Stallings. ( The other
site I use frequently is ACRW-American Christian Romance 
Writers ( because they have an excellent resource
list for members.

Any other advice? 

Don't close yourself out of any market.  Write fiction if it is your love but use that research you've done for articles. It never hurts to have an extra check in the mail. If you are a Christian pray about your work. I find God to be a remarkable partner.

To buy Diana's books, visit or her web
site at

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