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May 15, 2008 - The Power Behind Feeling Organized


Thought for the Week - The Power Behind Feeling Organized


Hi all,

How are you?  I feel like I'm chatting with friends I haven't talked to for ages! We've been super busy around here with new projects, new sites and tons of new stuff so Organized Writer took a bit of a back seat.

First though, let's talk about how you feel when you are organized (and when you're not)!

Close your eyes for a second and imagine your office/write space perfectly organized... with your "stuff" exactly where you want it so you find things quickly and easily.  You open your file drawers and everything is nicely labeled and finding paperwork is effortless.

Now go a little deeper and feel the power behind the organization.  Don't you feel more confident, more in control, and less stressed? 

So how do we make that mental picture a reality?  What's the first thing you need to do?  What will make the biggest difference in the fastest way?  Here are some ideas.  Pick one of these or one of your own, and try to do one today:

1) Clean off your desk. 
2) Sort through your filing cabinet.
3) Set up your filing system.
4) Set up your writing planner.
5) Redecorate your writespace... with flowers, photos, and anything that inspires you!


Happy writing (and organizing)!  And I'm so glad to be back with you.


P.S. Did you miss the last issue? Read it here.  

"I'm on day 5 of your book and already have done more writing and compiled more ideas in this short time as I usually do over several months." -- reader M. Howard

Angela Hoy of says "...the most organized writer I know is Julie Hood...." 

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Get Organized to Write Your Book - Listen to Gail Richards Interview Me
Join me on Thursday, May 15, 2008, when I'll be interviewed by Gail Richards of  We'll be discussing how to Get Organized to Write Your Book.  You can register at

Be sure to check out all the upcoming free teleclasses, too, including:

  • How to conduct a great interview
  • How to WOW your readers
  • All about the Front and Back Matter
  • and a bunch more!


Happy writing and organizing!

Like Organized  You'll love the ebook..... 

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the Bestseller

"Julie, I am sending a quick note to thank you for your well measured and extra-ordinary website. You have a tremendous amount of information at a very reasonable cost. I subscribed to your free site and, for the first time in forty years of writing, found a planner that works for me.  I felt so guilty for receiving so much information free from your
site that I have now ordered and downloaded the e book. I have found that you have struck a cord among so  many writers regarding procrastination and simple  organization. Keep up the good work.
-- Raymond Freeman
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DRAW daily (Declutter-Read-Assess-Write)
What is this? 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1. Declutter (only 5 minutes)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. Read (only 5 minutes)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3. Assess (30 seconds to 5 minutes)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4. Write (at least 5 minutes)

Weekly Checklist

For freelance writers: Use this weekly checklist to find, write and send a query every week this year!

__ Make notes on a new idea.

Tuesday: Accounting Day
__ Post your accounting records.
__ Pay bills.
__ Follow up on outstanding invoices and queries.

__ Find a new market using links below.

Thursday: Errand Day
__ Make copies.
__ Return books to library.
__ Make deposit at bank.

__ Finish query and submit.
__ Match your query to the market.

Saturday Weekly Review
__ How was this week?
__ What's up next week?
__ Review your Projects list in your planner and check the status.
__ Jot the next action steps for your projects on next week's calendar.
__ Backup your computer files.
__ Virus scan your computer.
__ Update windows software at
__ Update Microsoft(R)  office software at

__ Relax and enjoy!
__ Do something fun today!


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