Tools for the business of writing

by Julie Hood

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  What They're Saying...

"This is a book no writer should be without..."
   ---Michael Knowles,

No doubt the most comprehensive guide I've read on getting organized and staying that way....When you've completed the book on day 30, believe me, you'll be organized....I highly recommend this guidebook and give it a top rating of 10! 

-- Dallas Franklin, Sell Writing Online, author of The NeverEnding eBook of Writing Markets! and Dare To Be Published! - 50 Authors Help You Write, Market and PUBLISH in the New Century

I gotta say I love your book. I have read (or at least opened) more than a trunk load of books about writing over the years. Yours is the first I have seen that gives readers so much in one place. For me, the Master List and putting that together was more than worth the cost.

My own mini review.

“The Organized Writer,” is more than just advice on how to get a hold on what seems like never-ending chaos in a writer’s life. Julie gives you the tools and forms to get you started, the inspiration to keep you going and the schedule to move you closer to your goals day after day.

--David Stoddard Motivational writer, trainer and publisher of the “Terrific Life Concepts” ezine.

A key to effective writing is eliminating time-wasters -- but reading Julie Hood's The Organized Writer is definitely not a waste of time! Hood's quick quizzes will help you identify your own "organization personality" (are you a flinger or a packrat?) and thus the strategies that will help you organize your writing (and your life). Each chapter gives you a day of easy-to-accomplish tasks that are designed to turn you into a more productive, organized writer in a single month. Especially impressive are the well-thought-out forms that accompany every chapter (and every task); just print them out and you're on your way!

-- Moira Allen, and author of The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals and Creative Internet Strategies to Advance Your Writing Career

Julie Hood's excellent e-book, The Organized Writer, can help you achieve the organization you need to be more productive as a writer....Throughout, Julie Hood's style is friendly and encouraging, and continues to emphasize using all these tools in ways that best suit your own writing and organizing personality....If you really want to organize your writing life (and maybe the rest of your life, too) this practical and positive e-book is a must-have!  

-- Sherry Ramsey,

Hood’s web site offers a sample 30 day plan for free, but I am glad I spent the $14.95 for the complete program in the e-book, which is available at Hood’s website.  Now when it is time to write, I get my cardboard hanging file box and my 3-ring binder Writer’s Planner and I have everything I need where I can find it quickly and easily.

-- Lynette DuBois for the Long Ridge Writer's Group

The Organized Writer is a must for writers finding themselves buried in piles of paper.  Hood has broken down the steps of organization in an easy to understand format just for us. The book is filled with easy to use forms.  With a three hole punch in hand and Hood's book by your side you'll soon find yourself with a clean desktop and more time to write.

-- Diana Brandmeyer, author of Inspirational romance and children's books


Packed with practical tips and suggestions The Organized Writer is not simply a book to read, but rather a workbook designed as a map to guide you into becoming better organized, ultimately increasing your productivity and income....For $14.95 this e-book is a great product to help you organize your writing life.

-- Kim Wilson,

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