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Freelance Markets

Organized Writer's Guidelines Database
Writer's Weekly Jobs guidelines writers wanted
Funds for Writers - Jobs and Markets
Absolute Write's Market Archives
Paying Markets List
Freelance Job Bank
NeverEnding eBook of Writing Markets! (one-time subscription)
Writer's Write Writer's Guideline Directory
Writer's Digest - Market of the Day
Writer's (subscription only)
Sell Writing Online Writing Markets (page down)
Writer Gazette Freelance Jobs
Writer Gazette Call for Submissions
Writing for Dollars! Guidelines Database Writer's Crossing Markets
Writer's Sites (and Newsletters)

Organized Writer (Writer-Reminders)
Writer's Weekly (newsletter)
Absolute Write (newsletter)
Writing-World (newsletter)
Write from Home (Busy Freelancer) (newsletter)
Dabbling Mum's Write Center (newsletter)
Writing Corner (Jump Start)
Sell Writing Online (newsletter)
Writer Gazette (newsletter)
Writing for Dollars (newsletter)
Kelly James-Enger (Writer's Gear) (newsletter) 
The Enterprising Writer (newsletter) 
National Association of Women Writers (NAWW Weekly)  NEW!

Scribe & Quill (newsletter)  NEW!

OWL at Purdue University
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Federal statistics
World Fact Book
U.S. Dept of Labor
Health Statistics
Statistical Resources on the Web (grouped by category)
Census 2000 Interactive Map NEW!

Radio and TV experts

Book Marketing -
Books and Courses

Buzz Your Book (ebook)
How to Publish and Promote Online (book)
Create a Buzz Plan without the  Guesswork (course-highly recommended!)
Jump Start Your Book Sales (book)
Guerilla Marketing for Writers (book)
1001 Ways to Market Your Books (book)

Book Writing and 
- Web Sites and Contacts

21st Century Publishing
Para Publishing
The Self-Publishing Manual (book)
Frugal Fun
Guerilla Marketing
Web Site Marketing Plan
Branding Yourself Online
List of book reviewers
Christine Frank, Editor and Indexer
Author's Tool Box

Daily DRAW Routine

What is this?

eclutter (5 minutes)
Read (5 minutes)
Assess (What's your Most Important Project?)



FREE Writer's eCalendar
PVS Calendar Maker 
Mon through Sun Word template

Writer's Magazines

The Writer Magazine NEW!
Writer's Digest NEW!
Poets & Writers
Written By


Book Reviews - Writer's Books

Freelance Writing
Ready, Aim, Specialize!
Query Letters that Worked!

ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing

Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer  NEW!

Books for Authors

Best Bang for Your Book
How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal
The Portable Writers' Conference

The Writer's Idea



Ebookstores NEW! NEW!


Author Interviews

Diana Brandmeyer
Andrea Campbell
Shirley Kawa-Jump
Scott Ginsberg



Creativity Sites

Tera's Wish NEW!
How Much NEW!

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